come and rub it in.

I am pissed. I am so pissed I can probably paralyze you with a glare. For those who know me well enough, they know that one thing that I abhor the most: creatures who do not know the word that starts with a letter ‘p’ and ends with a ‘y’. The word punctuality. I hate being late and I do not like you being late when there is a set meeting time. I put on a lot of effort to arrive on time so don’t you go do that apologetic smile on me because it wouldn’t work. If you plan on arriving late, make sure you wear your toughest armor to deflect my glances of death.

I woke up at 5.30 for the meeting which was at 6.30. The supposed meeting time was 6.30 to 7.00. Of course, I was there at 6.30. I waited. The few of us in there waited some more. Oh, look at the time. It’s 7.30. At what frigging hour do you plan on leaving, Organizer? The sun’s already up — it’s quarter to 8 and we haven’t moved an inch. Oh, we’re leaving? Great! Finally! It’s 9, why are we stopping? We’re waiting for someone? Where the hell is that person?! Show yourself or I’ll eliminate all these civilians within a 3-meter radius! Oh, she’s here. The threat worked.

After some more curses, rants and the eternal passage of time, the two humble vans which contained all 18 of us finally arrived at the jail. We’re supposed to interview some people for a paper. It’s past 10. Visiting hours until 12. They decided to divide us by 4, each given 20 minutes. The first group — which included you, Organizer — entered and is subjected to a semi-strip search. We waited. Oh, it’s 11.15 and the first group’s still inside. Second batch at 11.30. And I, being with the third group, was left with 5 minutes. We were so much in a rush that I didn’t even notice where the guard’s hands touched me. The interview was conducted with the guard constantly bickering behind us. It was so annoying I wanted to bash her head in. But of course, I cannot do that unless I have no desire of coming out of that blasted jail place ever again. With the 15-minute extension over, we headed out.

And you, Organizer, still had the nerve to go have lunch. However, I will not protest to that since my stomach has been rumbling ever since you took your time with our subjects. The Chowking Lauriat I ordered and chowed down eased my piss-ness a bit but the minute I entered the van, it returned.

The heat, the pollution, the fact that you made me waste half my day, the fact that I missed the opportunity to go home to the province for this half-baked trip of yours all came rushing down on me that I instantly fell asleep.


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A shy and quiet person who loves anime, books and Japanese food.

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