spending time in bioresearch.

The Where: BioResearch. A pet shop in SM North EDSA.

The Who: Lightning and me.

The Scene.

Me: Look! Siberian hamsters! So small. Step on them and you’d spill their innards on the floor.

Lightning: Little fishes! I remember our experiment on guppies…

Me: Turtles! …450? They sell these at a hundred in our place.

Lightning: I want to have a fish bowl.

Me: Why did they throw coins into the koi sink? Is this supposed to be a wishing well? Uhm… Wishing sink?

Lightning: I have no idea. Oh, such small hamsters. I wonder how am I supposed to hold the hedgehog…

…And we’re out of the store.


The trip made me remember my cats. I miss them. I miss their furry cuteness. I miss the imploring look on their slit-eyes when they beg for the food I eat. I miss playing with their paws and squeezing them when they sleep. My dearest beloved cats, get ready for some major major (ha!) cuddling when I get back.


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A shy and quiet person who loves anime, books and Japanese food.

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