pursuit of happiness

I found myself walking out of Comic Alley, holding a fairly large Bulbasaur plastic bag. It’s content: a K-On! cast-printed duffel bag. It was on sale at 150 pesos and I couldn’t help myself, thus the scene described above. The trip wasn’t originally planned, it went something like this:

(The two of us, plus Rune, looking at the UP AME stall outside the library, holding cups from the Pancit Shanghai free taste promo stall facing the AME stall.)

Me: Buy these Belgian Waffle earrings.

Lightning: No! I like these cupcake earrings.

Me: Oh, Clow Cards! My sister’s gonna get so stoked if she sees that.

Lightning: …Wanna go to Comic Alley?

Me: Sure.

And so, we rode a jeep after class and went to the mall. Lightning treated me to a cup of iskrambol — the mall kind, of course. I forgot what the stall’s name was but it was absolutely delicious. I didn’t know that the lowly sold-along-with-fishballs iskrambol had now become worthy of mall franchises. For those who are not knowledgeable of what this is, which I highly doubt, iskrambol is basically crushed ice — sort of strawberry-flavored — with powdered milk, chocolate syrup and strawberry syrup. It’s sweet and is very likely to give you brain freeze.

With Lightning’s trusty mall-honed homing instincts, we didn’t get lost that much. If it was just me, it would take me hours, of course. And so we entered the store and drooled over all the amazing things you can’t possibly have without money. I found what I was looking for but alas, there was only one bag left! It was of Yui and Ritsu. We went out of the store post-haste and transferred to the other mall just across the street.

The salesman in this branch practically knows us by face so he smiled that practiced irashaimase-smile of his. The other sales person followed me around the small store thus proving to be a hindrance to my primary objective: the bag. Good thing they still had plenty but the designs were all so cute I had a hard time choosing. Plus, I saw an Otaku Vault which has a free K-On! poster which drove me crazy because I don’t have the money to but it. Then, my indecisiveness finally ended thus, again, the scene described at the beginning of this entry.

I baptized Happiness duffel bag awhile ago and boy, how it made me smile like a dork — walking to school wearing my K-On! bag, earphones plugged into my ears blaring K-On! songs. Ah… Happiness.


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