sugar, spice and everything nice plus music in between

*squee!* kawaii!

Move over Powerpuff Girls — I have never really liked you anyway — for a new group has taken over your formula and added a little something extra: the girls of K-On! and their music. I am currently addicted to them — I drool over their merchandise, my music player is loaded with their stuff and my phone’s wallpaper is none other than Akiyama Mio.

Currently in their second season, K-On! is about four girls forming the Light Music Club: the boisterous club president Tainaka Ritsu (drums) and her introverted best friend — and my personal favorite! — Akiyama Mio (bass & main vocals), the rich girl who provides the group with their daily dose of tea and pastries Kotobuki Tsumugi (keyboards) and the most bonkers of them all, who also happens to be the show’s main protagonist, Hirasawa Yui (guitar & vocals). At the middle of the first season, they are joined by kawaii-freshman Nakano Azusa (guitar). There are other characters as well who make the series even more enjoyable to watch like Sawako-sensei, their adviser and a member of the former Light Music Club, Nodoka-chan who’s Yui’s best friend, as well as Ui — Yui’s younger sister — and Jun-chan, Azusa’s friends.

The first season starts off with Mio, Ritsu and Mugi looking for the final fourth member that they need in order to prevent the club from getting dissolved. This is where Yui comes into play — she wanders into the club room and joins. Of course, she has no musical knowledge whatsoever, except for playing the castanets. And so the three members began training Yui and her 50,000 yen electric guitar, Gitah. Yui learns to play and shows signs of musical genius at times — she can tune Gitah without a tuner which means that she has perfect pitch. And I hate her for that. Ha.

Basically, K-On! is pure anime cuteness and fun. It’s not serious and it pokes fun with itself. The protagonists face your average school life problems: exams, practices, graduation, etc. It was made to provide a good laugh. If you take everything too seriously, you’d just get pissed off probably by their ultra-easy-going attitude. Plus, Houkago Tea Time’s (that’s the name of their band.) bubblegum-pop-rock music is something worth listening to a gazillion times. I’m sorry if you don’t appreciate them; you’d be missing half of your K-On! life. The characters are distinct — each of them has their own unique traits which takes out the possible monotony. You’d wonder how the shy Mio is best friends with crazy Ritsu and you’d absolutely die of laughter with Ritsu and Yui’s antics.

So if you’re looking for something fun to watch, K-On! would be my best bet. I am now anxiously waiting for episode 23 while wishing that the series never ends. More power to Houkago Tea Time!

~Moe moe kyun!~


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