an apostrophe to the wordpress page

Ah. Hello ‘New Post’ page. It has been quite a while. I am sorry if I made you wait –I have been busy with matters of consequence, you see. My French readings and Biology notes have taken me away from you but worry not, I will avenge the hours that we lost. What exactly do I mean by matters of consequence, you ask? Oh dear page, I tell you, French is a matter of utmost importance; it is not something that I can just simply turn a cheek to. I say this not because I personally adore the subject but, on the contrary. I say this unto you because our instruction specialist is nothing but the embodiment of pure evil. He simply likes to torture his minions. We are under the mercy of his blade. We are nothing but bugs to be crushed under the sole of his expensive rubber shoe. I will not say anything more lest I incur his wrath and receive a flaming grade of 5.

As for Biology, beloved WordPress page, it is nothing but a mere burden, an addition to my workload. Personally, I am better off without such a…futureless subject. I am aware that you have knowledge of my love for the said subject. However, if you do nothing but answer review questions, correct them, watch films of people getting cut up or cells as they undergo division and then answer review questions, correct them, etc. then you will understand how my desire for it dries out.

So there, ‘New Post’ page. You have been made aware of my whereabouts. Please share your sympathy with me. And help me refreeze my messed up brain.


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A shy and quiet person who loves anime, books and Japanese food.

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