pinoys are bipolar

France hates us. Jackie Chan would begin to hate us. We’re banned from Hong Kong (?. I’m not really sure). All of these because of the hostage incident that happened this week. Personally, I’m not really that well-informed with what happened since I was on the road during that time. But from what I heard, it seemed pretty bad. No, it was awful. An ex-policeman holding a whole bus hostage and the police ended up killing the hostage taker.  Now, France tells its citizens to be weary of Pinoys and Jackie Chan shows grief for his fellowmen who were killed.

Nice work, man. Way to give the Filipino morale a boost. It kind of makes you want to be NOT a Filipino. Mr. Hostage Man just brought us to the lowest level possible. Now, we’re nothing but a bunch of criminals/terrorists. Those tourists were innocent dude. They had nothing to do with you. You should’ve just left them alone. Because of that stupid course of action you did, you’re nothing but a shade now. And you call yourself a police. Oh right, an EX-police, but still you were member of the force. I can’t blame you if diplomacy is not in your vocabulary since our police force always resort to violence. I don’t care if you haunt me, man. I stand by my word that you shouldn’t have caused such a ruckus. That was an action only a weak man would do.

Say goodbye to the Filipino tourism industry too. From now on, the only tourists we’ll have would be useless idiots with no futures who have chosen to end their pathetic lives. We would forever be branded as the country that holds its tourists hostage.

That incident was a major, major mistake. Oh, and that too. ‘Major major’. That was the most epic fail answer I’ve ever heard in a contest. Or should I say a major major fail. I remember that we analyzed that in our class and we concluded that it was the direct English equivalent of our phrase ‘bonggang bongga. Her answer was very cultural, wasn’t it? Sure. But all that culture didn’t help you win.

If you think about it, it’s weird that just the day before that, the hostage incident took place. Everyone was panicking and in a state of alarm. And then the next day, we’re all glued to our TVs, not to watch about any updates on the hostage incident but celebrating Venus’ accomplishment of reaching the Top 5 and then walking out upon hearing her major major answer. …What have the Filipinos become?


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One thought on “pinoys are bipolar”

  1. gus2 kong mgkumento pro gaya ng pagdahak,kelangan q n momentum..lobat aq ngeon.nyahaha..

    kelan kea tau mgkkta ulit??

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