for the price of something i can’t even use – part 2

And now to continue what I started, so I finally bought my ticket. I got into the train which was jam-packed I had to stand the whole trip. I was so tired my head kept lolling up and down. But of course, I can’t afford to fall asleep lest I miss my station. So I stood there until my legs went numb and waited.

The train stopped at the Araneta-Cubao station which, apparently, is beside (or inside?) Gateway Mall. I still had to walk to the bus station at Ali Mall so I had no time to sight-see. Although I stopped at the Comic Alley store that I passed by, ha! So I went through Gateway (which took me quite a while since the mall was so big I had to ask around for the exit), walked around SM until I finally reached Ali Mall. It was already 4 in the afternoon and my feet are practically cussing at me. I was very thirsty, hungry, and exhausted. So with all the strength remaining in me, I hurriedly walked to my saving grace: the bus station.

At the very moment my butt touched the seat, I proceeded to the task of tearing the masking tape wrapped around the pouch. After opening the bag, I was greeted with a cornucopia of watches whose faces are so large you can use them as mirrors, earrings, a digital camera, a Nokia N95, and an mp3 player. I didn’t have the energy to inspect it all in detail so I closed the bag and instantly fell asleep.

When I reached home, I poured the contents of the bag on our table and we all proceeded to inspect them. All my effort would’ve been worth it if I could use those things. The phone went to my sister, and it didn’t have a charger so still had to buy one. And the mp3 player (which my uncle said was an iPod nano but was just some-some player) which I got for myself, didn’t even have a USB cable. How am I supposed to use that then, or charge it even? Hold it and place a finger in a socket?

It was so disappointing that we just played with digital camera. At least that Samsung camera was working well. And it had a charger. The only thing of use I managed to get from the pile was a pair of surgical stainless steel orb earrings. At least I have that to make me happy.


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