for the price of something i can’t even use

It was the 20th of August. I had to go to Monumento to get a package. Ha, sure, I’ll go there…if I knew how. NCR is such a big maze. You’d get lost trying to get from point A to point B. And for someone who has such a poor sense of direction like me, this task is almost next to impossible. But my mother insists, and since I do love her, so what the heck I’ll go and have an adventure.

First off, I asked my old schoolmate how to get to Monumento. She told me she’d be going there because it where she takes a ride to go home. So I asked if I could go with her and she says yes. So my first problem was solved in a jiffy. Next, I had to know how to get to Cubao — since I still had to go home to Batangas after that…exploit — from Monumento so I asked Lightning. She told me to ride this train to this station and then transfer to this train to this station. Okay, sounds do-able. I borrowed her map and studied the train lines.

Come afternoon, my schoolmate and I went to Monumento where we looked for the guy who was supposed to bring the package. We found him — a ‘guy’ along with a ‘friend’. He gave me the pouch and we went our ways. It looked like some illegal transaction really. Schoolmate took me to the station entrance. I thanked her and went off.

It’s my first time after a long time to ride a train again. The last time I rode the train was back when I was still a kid — they still used coins for the rotating thingys. Now, apparently, they use cards which a machine has to eat so that you can pass through. The first one was manageable enough; you just have to but the card at the booth. However, when I reached the station in Recto, a problem arises.

It seems that there are no ticket booths at this station. Instead, one has to fall in line at a machine which sells tickets. Kind of like a train ticket vendo machine. You press your destination, drop in coins (no 2009 issues please) and then get your card. I never knew that buying a ticket has gotten this complicated. So with sweaty palms, I went up to the line…which was very long. Until finally, it was my turn. There were still so many people behind me that I wanted to make it as fast as possible. But my hands were shaking I couldn’t hold a coin properly. And the machine wouldn’t accept that single coin so I had to rummage in my pockets for another. After what seemed like an eternity, I finally bought a train ticket.

(to be continued)


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