dahak galore

I don’t know if you, dear reader, know what the word ‘dahak’ means. But since I am feeling quite generous today, I will enlighten you as to what it means. ‘Dahak’ is a Tagalog verb which means…uhm…I don’t think it really has an exact English equivalent but it’s the sound you do before you spit phlegm. You have to gain enough momentum to gain the farthest spit trajectory, right. So you gather your phlegm somewhere within your throat through a really noisy action and then spit it out with all your might. This ‘really noisy action’ (which sounds something like KKKKRRRKNGGGKKKRR!) is what you call ‘dahak’.

Now that I have imparted my wisdom to you, I will get to my point. I hate the sound of a person who dahaks. It’s really annoying, especially if it’s a girl. It’s still forgivable with guys but with girls? Detestable!

So imagine my horror when I heard a series of dahaks coming from our shower room. Apparently, this girl is taking a bath and while she’s doing her thing, she always dahaks for some reason I cannot fathom. Sure, maybe once or twice is understandable but she does it within the whole duration that she’s in the shower! I mean, dude! Are you drowning with the shower’s water? Do you catch the water with your nose or something??

Because of this, I always dread the time that she has to take a bath. Our room is directly in front of the CR so I can hear her dahaks like she’s right beside me. Whenever this happens, imagine me cringing at every sound and covering my ears with whatever is at hand. Ah, but to no avail. Her dahaks are like nails on a blackboard.


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