2-level outline

I have no idea what a 2-level outline is. In fact, I don’t even know how to make a decent, formal outline. Whenever I make an outline, it is in every sense, MY outline. I believe I am the only one who would be able to understand it. The ‘levels’ are all over the place and there are plenty of symbols that indicates this as a continuation of that and so forth. There’s a word in a corner of the page and another one somewhere in between the lines. It’s not really messy but it’s not that organized either.

This is the reason why I am procrastinating as of this very moment. I have to prepare an outline for a paper defense/oral mid-term exam. The problem is (apart from my not knowing how to make one) that I don’t make outlines when I write analysis paper. Everything just seems to fall into place whenever I write. It’s like every moment is a ‘Eureka!’ moment. It all gets organized at the exact moment that I write.

I told this to a friend of mine and this is what she suggested: Gumawa ka kaya muna ng paper tas saka ka gumawa ng outline. (Why don’t you write the paper first and then you make the outline.) Right after telling me this, she bursts out laughing, telling me that I would be punishing myself with the act.

However, I do not hear her. My mind simply told me that it might just be the thing that I should do.


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