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Lucy from Elfen Lied

I am now currently addicted to Lucy. Or would you prefer Nyuu? Actually, they are one and the same person. Lucy is Nyuu, Nyuu is Lucy. And they are the protagonist in the anime Elfen Lied which I finished some days ago.

The title ‘Elfen Lied’ is actually from the German poem which means the Elven Song. The story: Lucy/Nyuu is a diclonius — a child (almost always a female. Although there is a male, but he was the only one.) born with protuberances on their heads that look very much like horns. However, they simply look like cute cat ears to me. Dicloniuses are gifted with special, invisible extra ‘hands’ which are called vectors. These vectors are controlled by the diclonius’ pineal gland and appear only when the need arises or when the diclonius is in grave danger or is angered. Lucy’s four vectors are effective within a 2 meter radius. However, other dicloniuses in the anime have a wider range, like Mariko (a.k.a Number 35) who has an 11 meter range and has (I think) 26 (or was it 36?) vectors.

In the beginning of the anime, Lucy escapes from the research facility where dicloniuses are kept. However, a bullet hit on her head causes her to have another personality — the innocent, child-like Nyuu. She gets washed up on the shore and is picked up by Kouta, an average boy who had just moved into town. What Kouta does not remember is that he and Lucy have before, way back when they were kids. He takes Lucy/Nyuu home and the story takes its turns from here.

Other characters add spice to the show:

1. Yuka is Kouta’s cousin who is in love with him and decides to live with Kouta when he ‘adopts’ Lucy. Talk about incest, right?

2. Mayu is a homeless girl who ran away from their house because her pedophile father always abuses her sexually and her bitch of a mother doesn’t even care. Mayu gets adopted by Kouta and Yuka later on in the anime.

3. Nana is diclonius Number 7. She was supposed to eliminate Lucy but because she is weak, she ends up losing both her arms and her legs. She gets ‘repaired’ with high-tech prosthetic limbs and proceeds to find Lucy but then she discovers about Nyuu and thinks twice about killing her, seeing that Lucy does not really harm anyone other than those who provoke her. She also gets ‘adopted’ by Kouta and Co.

Warning to potential viewers though. Elfen Lied contains plenty of violence, gore and nudity. It’s not your usual cutesy anime but the story is very touching really. You’d actually feel sorry or happy for them. Within all the blood and severed limbs, you’ll find a really deep story driven by complex emotions within the characters. It’s really worth watching; no wonder so many otakus have it in their top list. And besides, Nyuu’s cuteness is just to die for. And the opening song ‘Lilium’ is just so creepy.

Next project: Clannad After Story

(I would have to watch out for vectors, lest they tear me to pieces for using the photo above.)


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