sensory overload

I watched  Dulaang UP’s first offering yesterday, Francisco Baltazar’s Orosman and Zafira. The play’s show time was at 3.oo but by 2.30, there was already a crowd outside the theater, waiting for it to open. This would be my second play but this one is a musical. I’ve never watched a live musical before so I was kind of excited when the theater opened and we were allowed to be seated.

Orosman and Zafira is a love story, basically. The two protagonists are members of two different tribes and they fall in love at first sight. Everything should’ve gone well if not for Orosman’s father who wants to become the Sultan and plots to kill Zafira’s father. And so the plan ensues which results into Zafira hating Orosman’s clan. A series of…unfortunate events (ha!) happen in between but I wouldn’t tell what they are so as not to spoil the fun. But of course, as always, love prevails in the end and they live happily ever after. Or so I would like to think they did.

My first impression upon watching the play: a fest for the senses. Since it was a musical, there was plenty to see. Too plenty, in fact, that I wished I had five pairs of eyes. The music was excellent — it was played live! And I only noticed the band after the play was over. (Kudos to the lady guitar player, you totally rock!) The lighting was superb. The mixing and matching of the light colors gave the scenes justice. They were well suited for their respective scenes. The dance numbers were just…BOOM! Amazing! Bravo! All I can say is…!!!!! Exclamation Point!

And then, there’s the actors. Hearing their singing voices? Gives me the creeps, really. They were absolutely amazing, and I mean that. It’s not a sarcastic Simon Cowell comment. The narrator (?) had a voice like Bayang Barrios/Up Dharma Down lead singer. Everyone was pleasing to the ears.

However, apart from their voices, Orosman’s body was definitely THE FEAST! My companion, who was my roommate, kept ogling at his nice pecs and abs and she was screaming her heart out. Well, I looked at his abs too. Aesthetically, okay? Not lustfully. I found them very nice. They were not so big but they were not small either. Just right.

In the end, I didn’t quite get the ending. My mind was in a muddle with all the loud rocking music and the intoxicating dance numbers. Or maybe I just got enamored with Orosman’s fabulous abs and totally forgot I was supposed to watch the play. Not his abs.


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