No, this is not going to be some parody on the movie Inception. This entry is about my day today in an immersion — as in a community immersion. I have never done community immersions in my life so this is something very, very, very new to me. Shut up. Don’t you get started at saying that I’m miserable because I haven’t gone in an immersion trip. There. I have done one, happy now?

At 7.00 in the morning, I was already in the assigned meeting place (McDonald’s) only to wait for an hour and a half more in order to accommodate those dastardly late-comers. Imagine how annoying that is. If there’s one thing I hate the most, it’s those people who do not understand what the concepts ‘punctuality’ and ‘meeting time’ mean. I was getting so pissed off that my face was already scrunched, so early in the morning. At around 8.30, we finally (FINALLY!) headed for our destination which was Brgy. San Roque — a condensed, overly-populated community area beside Trinoma.

Maybe ‘condensed’ is an understatement, I think it should be ‘saturated’. Yes, that would be more proper. This small area beside the humongous mall is home to 9,000 families. The reason we were here in the first place was to discover how they were faring with the impending demolition of their whole community to make way for the QC-CBD project. QC-CBD or Quezon City Central Business District (if I remember correctly) is a project which aims, in a gist, to make a Makati in Quezon City. The government is planning to uild this project in the land which houses Brgy. San Roque and of course, the residents are having an uprise. Of the 9,000 families here, 2,600 of them have voluntarily evacuated to the relocation site in Montalban, Rizal.

The condition of these families are so poor you would definitely wonder how they manage to live in such a place. An average house is like, 5×5 meters in area. In a small stretch of area, they were able to build 20 houses. There are alleys so narrow it fits only one person. The bathroom is common and a hose which has to go around is their water supply.

We went home at around 5.00 feeling icky and exhausted but with big smiles on our faces. Sure, I missed my make-up class in CL 50 but I don’t think I regret it that much. After the experience of having lunch and conversing with a family who were complete strangers to us, I think it was definitely worth it.


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