crepes, coffee and the dilemma

The place: Cafe Breton in Trinoma. The reason: a class ‘field trip’. Yes, I found myself (with my block mate Lightning and a friend Sam-chan) walking within the territories of a very large mall in order to go to a French restaurant which specializes in crepes and coffee. The first thing I would like to be made clear here is the fact that I have no particular penchant for malls. If this was not required, I would have no intention to go. Malls are too big. For a person with such a small amount of sense of direction, this poses such a big problem for me. Second, I don’t like going to fancy-schmancy restaurants if I have to pay for myself. I only go to such high-and-mighty joints if I don’t have to bring out a peso. Ha. But then again, the food lures me so…yeah.

Upon reaching Le Breton and getting seated with other classmates, we proceeded to wait for our professor. The set time was 4.00 but he arrived at a-time-so-late-i-don’t-even-remember-what-it-was. While we were waiting for him, the waiters started handing out the menus. Of course, we had such a grand time making fun of the gourmet names we practically laughed our heads off. For example:

Me: Tanyo, French Kiss o, 166 pesos.

Sam-chan: Ang mahal naman ng French Kiss dito.

Me: Gusto mo French Kiss? Libre. O game. *hysterical laughter*

It went on like this for another half an hour until we noticed the crew members looking at all of us. Well, I believe they have the right because we were practically occupying 1/4 of the restaurant and we haven’t ordered anything. I can feel their laser eyes boring through my nape.

Anyway, let’s fast forward to the meal. I had a vanilla /leejwah/ (I forgot how it’s spelled. Haha!) and a Lost Paradise crepe which was filled with steamed apples with cinnamon and raisins marinated in rhum topped with a large dollop of vanilla ice cream. It was good. I just thought the raisins were too much. I almost got drunk with them.

After the meal, which drained my allowance for the week, and the numerous photo ops in between, we left the restaurant and went our ‘separate’ ways. It turned out we all wanted to check out Comic Alley so we went. Only to find ourselves hyperventilating for all the good stuff which we obviously can’t buy because those crepes and coffee were so expensive. So we simply stood there, ogling and squealing but unable to do anything. I was torn between buying some K-On! merchandise and the thought that I have ran out of conditioner and toothpaste. It was the hardest decision I’ve ever made.

Later on, I went home with a tube of toothpaste and conditioner. I’d rather come back for Mio-chan than be called a frizzy monster with bad breath.


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A shy and quiet person who loves anime, books and Japanese food.

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