…over coffee and cake

Thanks to that very depressing French exam, I had my first Starbucks coffee. I will not bother giving details as to why the exam was depressing lest I suddenly throw a tantrum and have the urge to mangle my roommates. Anyways, as I have said, I had my first Starbucks coffee because of it. Maybe that’s the only thing I’d be thankful for for that exam. How did this come about, you ask? The episode unfolded like this: it involved me and my block mate whom we shall call Lightning.

Lightning: Nakaka-depress yung exam. (The exam was depressing.)

Me: Oo nga eh. Haaay… (Yeah. *sigh*)

Lightning: Tara mag-Starbucks. Libre kita. (Let’s go to Starbucks. My treat.)

Me: Talaga?! Sige! (Really! Come on!)

Another block mate, who was supposed to have class during that time, was also with us. So we shall call her Rune. And so Lightning, Rune and I rode a jeepney and went to the nearest ‘hospital’ (read: Starbucks) available. Here comes the hard part: ordering. It was my first time there after all so I had no idea what to order. So the situation in the counter was like this:

Me: Anong o-order-in ko? (What will I have?)

Lightning: Ikaw. Kahit ano. (Up to you. Anything.)

Me: Iiih… Alin gang masarap? (Iiiih… But which one’s delicious?)

Lightning: Kahit alin. (Anything.)

Me: Ugh… okay.

So I just randomly pointed a coffee from the picture-menu. *drum roll* Coffee Jelly! All this happened with Rune and the two counter people amusingly looking on.

While they were ordering, I proceeded to inspect the display of pastries. There was chocolate cake, waffle, apple fritters, cinnamon rolls and some other scrumptious looking sweets whose names I have already forgotten. But what caught my attention was the Oreo Cheesecake. It looked so delicious. It was practically calling me. But no! I have to save money! Don’t look at me! Go away!

And with this, I found myself lining up at the counter to pay for a slice of heaven-sent Oreo Cheesecake.


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A shy and quiet person who loves anime, books and Japanese food.

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