don’t go near the light

Lately, our humble dorm room has been infested by moths. Hmm… well, maybe ‘infested’ would be to harsh a term but I couldn’t think of anything better. Every time the sun begins to set, moths start entering our room through the windows. It would’ve been fine if it was only one or two moths but they came in swarms. Due to this daily event, we have seen moths of every size, shape and color. There was one that was so big and looked so weird I was thinking if it was really a moth and not some mutant that came out from a failed experiment. They would still be there every morning when we wake up which gives me a chance to observe them closely. Hmm… Is there any branch of science that specializes on moths?

I don’t have any problems with them being around, mind you. But my roommate sees them as…pests. For example:

Roommate: Shet! Bat ba ang daming moth??! Ang sarap patayin! (Shit! Why are there so many moths??! I want to kill them!)

Me: ‘Wag! (No!)

Roommate: E bakit ba? Ang dumi-dumi kaya nila! (But why? They’re so dirty!)

Me: Kumakain kaya sila ng maliliit na insekto…at kung ano-ano pa… (They eat small insects…and whatever, you know.)

Roommate: Talaga? …Iiiiih! Kahit pa! (Really? Iiiiih! Even so!)

Here she proceeds to squeal and throw tantrums but doesn’t kill them in the end.

Why do I defend these moths you ask? Well, I have no idea. I must have been a moth in my past life.


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A shy and quiet person who loves anime, books and Japanese food.

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