bloodless rage

Because of our age’s rapid technological developments, we have managed to put entertainment devices into everyday machines that we once deemed impossible to become less boring. An example of such a machine would be the bus. Nowadays, buses are equipped with anti-boredom devices such as the television! However, this same contraption can be the source of the viewer’s bewilderment and feeling of utter alienation.

I was about to go home to Batangas so naturally, I rode a bus. Heaving my backpack and clutching a plastic containing my merienda (which was a bottle of apple-flavored C2 and two Gardenia Fun Buns – one chocolate and one ube), I planted my butt on a seat. After a long-ish wait, we finally hit the road. The conductor turned on the TV and played a movie which, to my utter horror, starred Robin Padilla. It also featured pre-BB Gandanghari Rustom Padilla. It was about the soldiers in Mindanao fighting against the rebel Muslims. Yes, I am perfectly aware of the fact that this movie attempts to show my feeble mind what is happening there in the south. However, I wish they could’ve put in more effort and made it a bit more realistic.

I was bored so I glued my head to the window and dozed off, so I didn’t get to see how the movie started. When I awoke, the movie was still playing. The rebels are now attacking Robin and his posse. The soldiers were armed with automatics while the rebels also wielded guns, which they threw to the ground in order to take out their swords. You’d probably think that the soldiers would win, right? I mean, hello??, they’re armed with guns. But no. the soldiers fall one by one until there was just five of them left. Robin, Rustom, Joko (or Joco? Diaz), someone and someone remained. They were surrounded by hordes of Muslims who are now proceeding to attack.

They look absolutely out of hope when suddenly Robin yells and flies into a rage. He screams his lungs out (which is what he mostly does throughout this movie. Even his calm voice sounds like he’s screaming.) and starts to fire his automatic at random directions. Finally, they run out of ammunition, try to fight but surrender eventually. Robin and Co. were about to be held hostage by the Muslims when, lo and behold! Missiles fire out of nowhere! Reinforcements have arrived! The rebels decide to retreat for they realized that their puny swords are no match for missile-launcher wielding men and missile-firing helicopters.

In the end, Robin and his crew – covered in grime, dust and dried blood – are saved.

What disturbed me about this movie is this. It’s a war movie isn’t it? Then how come there’s no blood? They fire blindly, the muslims slash the guts out of the soldiers and yet there wasn’t a single blood spurt. Also, why do their superiors have the strong urge to put ‘goddamit’ after every order, as in: ‘Give me 100 push-ups! That’s an order, goddamit!’ And it’s not even a proper goddamit – they say it ‘gademmit’. Oh, well. It IS a movie with Robin Padilla in it. I should’ve expected that.


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