when rain dampens the torch.


For a sports-crazed country like the Philippines, any sports event is a big deal. If you plan on holding one, expect a throng of people to come to your event. And I do believe that Manny Pacquaio is a good proof for this. Every time he has a fight, Manila becomes deserted and crime rates go down — quite an amazing feat since emptying Metro Manila of its population is almost impossible. So it wasn’t surprising to see the wave of people gathered in Marikina Sports Complex for the UAAP Season 74 Opening despite the heavy rains and muddy streets.

The UAAP is an inter-collegiate competition that is held yearly. It features various sports from Basketball to Football to Track. I have never watched a UAAP event — even the Cheerdance competition. This time, however, I am required to pass a reaction paper for this opening. Well, of course, being the lazy bum that I am, I watched the event on TV.

Hmm. Well. It was…boring. I actually had difficulties writing my paper since there were just a few things I could commend on. The event was hosted by Ateneo de Manila University so it’s basically their fault as to why the event didn’t take place in Araneta, which is the usual venue for the UAAP. Ateneo wanted an Olympic-style opening but the weather just had to dampen their dreams. As a result, the dancers were low on energy, the band could barely be heard, everyone seems to feel squeamish about stepping on muddy grass. In short, I think it was…not as great as everyone expected it to be.

I do appreciate the fact that a lot of people attended the event that you can actually feel the school spirit. They were all so enthusiastic, smiling and cheering like they did. Well, I guess that makes up for the watered-down (literally and metaphorically) performance of the Blue Eagles. (Maybe it’s just my UP bias, I don’t know.) All’s well that ends well. Apart from my reaction paper that is.

always right.


I was walking my merry way with Rune one afternoon when I almost collided with some churl (Ha!). I was able to hit my brakes in time and so the what-should-have-been-a-strong-impact was avoided. However, what ensued was a skirmish on gender superiority — neither one of us would budge. The churl was a big man so he was practically blocking about 90% of the path. Being the kind and generous person that I am, I proceeded to the other side so as we can both pass through. But still, the boor did not move. Instead, he muttered — in a high-pitched voice, to my surprise — ‘Always right’. I was unable to suppress a snort as I proceeded to do as he said.

Call me ignorant but I did not know that such a rule existed. Does this have anything to do with gender? Or is it a remnant of the codes of chivalry which I do not know of? Don’t you think this is quite problematic? What if my dominant-hand is left? What if I have an obsessive-compulsive condition which entails my staying on the left side of everything?

What if I simply do not want to be suppressed by norms or put down by the opposite sex? Just because I did not go right, does this mean I am wrong?

apparently, she’s a bendita.


I received the greatest shock of my life just a few minutes ago. Andi Eigenmann is pregnant! Yes, pregnant! She has a mass of cells that’s soon to become another addition to our already over-populated world within her. And they even added a quiz show factor — the father is yet to be revealed! I am not particularly fond of Andi, mind you. I simply found the news, well, shocking. I was, with all seriousness, taken aback. Maybe it’s because I never knew Andi had it within her. I mean, look at her. She looks so snobbish that I think even flies would not dare touch her. (I know it’s wrong to judge a book by its cover but I simply think that she looks snobbish.) Or maybe it’s because I was amazed at how long I haven’t watched television, I practically don’t know anything about the world anymore. Whatever the reason was, I was shocked beyond comprehension.

According to Yahoo (yep, it’s thanks to Yahoo that this news ever reached me), there are speculations that the father is Albie Casino, the guy who played Christian in the remake of Mara Clara. Hmm. Well, I can’t say he looks that trustworthy but…yeah, I’ll keep my mouth shut. I don’t want ABS-CBN people come looking for me not because they want me to star on something (although the probability is nil).

If you want to know more about this news, please go to http://ph.omg.yahoo.com/news/if-it-s-not-jake–who-s-the-father-of-andi-s-baby-.html and read it for yourself. You may not be as shocked as I was but heck, be shocked at how showbiz transforms a person from an Agua to a Bendita.

pinoys are bipolar


France hates us. Jackie Chan would begin to hate us. We’re banned from Hong Kong (?. I’m not really sure). All of these because of the hostage incident that happened this week. Personally, I’m not really that well-informed with what happened since I was on the road during that time. But from what I heard, it seemed pretty bad. No, it was awful. An ex-policeman holding a whole bus hostage and the police ended up killing the hostage taker.  Now, France tells its citizens to be weary of Pinoys and Jackie Chan shows grief for his fellowmen who were killed.

Nice work, man. Way to give the Filipino morale a boost. It kind of makes you want to be NOT a Filipino. Mr. Hostage Man just brought us to the lowest level possible. Now, we’re nothing but a bunch of criminals/terrorists. Those tourists were innocent dude. They had nothing to do with you. You should’ve just left them alone. Because of that stupid course of action you did, you’re nothing but a shade now. And you call yourself a police. Oh right, an EX-police, but still you were member of the force. I can’t blame you if diplomacy is not in your vocabulary since our police force always resort to violence. I don’t care if you haunt me, man. I stand by my word that you shouldn’t have caused such a ruckus. That was an action only a weak man would do.

Say goodbye to the Filipino tourism industry too. From now on, the only tourists we’ll have would be useless idiots with no futures who have chosen to end their pathetic lives. We would forever be branded as the country that holds its tourists hostage.

That incident was a major, major mistake. Oh, and that too. ‘Major major’. That was the most epic fail answer I’ve ever heard in a contest. Or should I say a major major fail. I remember that we analyzed that in our class and we concluded that it was the direct English equivalent of our phrase ‘bonggang bongga. Her answer was very cultural, wasn’t it? Sure. But all that culture didn’t help you win.

If you think about it, it’s weird that just the day before that, the hostage incident took place. Everyone was panicking and in a state of alarm. And then the next day, we’re all glued to our TVs, not to watch about any updates on the hostage incident but celebrating Venus’ accomplishment of reaching the Top 5 and then walking out upon hearing her major major answer. …What have the Filipinos become?